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How Does Forgiveness Coaching Work? >>
We use the THE FOUR-PART FORGIVENESS PROCESS of Redefining Forgiveness, Telling the Truth, Declaring a new Future and Sealing the Value as our launching pad for creating a life that works.

These four parts form the basis of forgiving, which opens the door to having a workable life. We have to have workability before we can flourish. Do not underestimate this process: it is life-changing and it requires courage and commitment.
What are these four parts?

Redefining Forgiveness:

Redefining forgiveness as something you do for yourself, to free yourself up. It has nothing to do with the other person. It does not condone, excuse or relieve the other of accountability. “To cease harboring resentment, to give up claim to a debt” may be more useful phrases than “to forgive” at first. This practice is about getting us unstuck and able to act and speak in the present rather than dwelling in the past.

Telling The Truth:

Going through each resentment or regret one by one until there is not one left. Done with a facilitator.

Declaring A New Future:

Declaring a new future, out of nothing but your word. This is a stand you take without any evidence. It creates a new context in which evidence will begin to show up (Kennedy and “man on the moon within 10 years.”) You declare with your will regardless of how you are feeling or thinking at the moment.

Sealing the Value:

You will receive three key coaching practices that keep this new freedom and aliveness growing and expanding.

If you keep practicing, the joy will begin to bubble up as you find your voice!!


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