forgiveness coaching

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To have an EXTRAORDINARY LIFE in which you are true to yourself, living by your deepest principles; HARMONIOUSLY and LOVINGLY producing the OUTSTANDING SUCCESS that you want... you will need to be able to LET GO of past RESENTMENTS and REGRETS on a regular basis.

Would You Like To...

  • Notice when you are rehashing injuries, going around and around?
  • Be able to choose freely and easily to leap off that hamster wheel?
  • Communicate clearly and responsibly when you disagree?
  • Never again feel as though someone has stepped on you?
  • Live life without being upset at people… or yourself?

What Is Forgiveness Coaching?

Forgiveness Coaching sets up a partnership between me, Eileen Epperson and YOU that will totally alter your understanding of what forgiveness is and is not. Letting go of past resentments toward others and regrets about yourself will become palatable and accessible. You will NOT feel as though you lost and the other person won, or you are selling out in some way when you forgive another who has hurt or disappointed you deeply. You will get your hands on the wheel of your life and have more JOY, SELF-EXPRESSION AND SELF-ESTEEM.

How Does It Work?

Forgiveness Coaching is offered individually and in group workshops. Teams in for-profit and non-profit organizations can be trained to address annoyances that inevitably arise quickly and effectively using the Four Part Forgiveness Process of Redefining Forgiveness, Telling The Truth, Declaring A New Future, Sealing The Value.


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